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Cleat Forming Machine (LFMC20)

S & Dive Cleat Forming Machine is use for HVAC Duct fabrication work
Cleat Forming Machine.

FORMMASTER Cleat Forming Machine comes with nine forming stations which incorporates 'S' Cleat roll tools as a standard tooling fitted between the plates housing. The machine have outboard extended shafts on both side of the plate housing. On one side Drive Cleat roll tooling are fitted as standard and whereas the other extended shaft can accommodate roll tooling for many other sheet edge forming operations.

'S' Cleat Profile have been design to connect the ends of rectangular in-line ducts having unformed edges whereas the Drive Profile connects the formed edges. 'S' Cleat Profile complements the Drive Cleat Profile. Both 'S' Cleat & Drive Cleat are of same width giving uniform appearance.


9 Stations Unit design for wide range of forming operations.

Built-in simplicity, ruggedness, longevity at reasonable cost.

Exceptionally smooth flow in forming operations.

Consistent seam forming.

Easy to operate.

Contains high grade materials.

Heavy duty & sturdy design.

Comprises of precision machined components.

Durable parts.

Low Maintenance.