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Sheet Metal Folding Machine (FM18)

Sheet Metal Folding Machine is a versatile and flexible folding MachineSheet Metal Folding Machine comes with the option of plain or segmented upper bending beam for Box and Pan Folding
Sheet Metal Folding Machine.

FORMMASTER'S Sheet Metal Folding Machine boost of Modern day sleek design, is a versatile and flexible folding Machine.

Our Sheet Metal Folding Machines are simple, rigid and quick operating machines. It is indispensable for every sheet metal worker for all kind of operations. The upper beam moves in the bearing block housing and can be activated either by foot pedal or by hand lever. The clamping pressure can be adjusted according to the sheet thickness. The counter-balancing of the bending beam is achieve by spring tension. The upper beam opening of 75mm helps achieve sheet metal boxes with extra depth as compared to conventional folding machine. The machine comes with the option of Plain or segmented upper beam.


Sleek Modern Day Design

Easy to Operate

Smooth Functioning

Greater Opening of Upper Beam

Spring Loaded Counter Balancing of Bending Beam

Option of Pain or Segmented Upper Bending Beam

Option of Upper Beam Clamping by Foot Lever